Rate Plan / Times per Week One Hour Two Hours Five Hours Ten Hours
Total Hour Buyout* (58:50) $90.00/HR $60.00/HR $50.00/HR $40.00/HR
Share Rate* (see clock below) $60.00/HR $40.00/HR $35.00/HR $30.00/HR
All Programing is Payble in Advance - Use of our Caller line and Board-Op, add $15/hr.

*rates based on 90 day minimum run.

Times per Week: Five Ten Twenty Fourty
60 Second Spot* $12.00 ea. $10.00 ea. $8.00 ea. $6.00 ea.
All Advertising is Payble in Advance - Times per Week are the minimum that your ad will run, you will be bonused with rerun programs where your ad is included. Above rates are for ads placed in random carts.

*rates based on 90 day minimum run.

Broadcasters, you are welcome to rebroadcast our programs, we only ask that you notitfy us when you begin and discontinue a program.
All program segments must be aired in their entirety along with the NET spot blocks.

PLEASE e-mail your Call Letters, Location, and other contact information to: far.live@yahoo.com

EMERGENCY: Broadcasters, call our technical staff any time for assistance or to report problems - 559-781-3773.

NOTICE: First Amendment Radio Network is not licensed by ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and etc. In order to use licensed material, you will be responsible for obtaining whatever legal license or permission is required for licensed material used during your program or on your broadcaster.

DISCLAIMER: First Amendment Radio Network is not responsible for the content or opinions of the individual programs, please contact the program hosts, guests or sponsors for information about their particular program content.